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Ecolab Korea received Leader award for Sustainability Management and Porter Prize for excellence in CSV two years in a row!

December 28, 2018
Korea awards


Leader Award for Sustainability Management
Last October 2018, Ecolab Korea received Sustainability Management Award, during the Korea Economic Leader Grand Prix. The Korea Economic Leader award were co-hosted by the JoongAng Ilbo newspaper and the Economist and sponsored by the JTBC cable network; Ministry of Science, Technology and Information; and the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy. Winners were selected by a panel of experts working both in the industry and in academia, and they have recognized outstanding performers in fifteen (15) categories, including sustainability management.
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Porter Prize for Excellence in CSV (Creating Shared Value)
The second award coveted by the team is “The Process award” during the Porter Prize for Excellence in Creating Shared Value last December 2018 that aims to recognize creative problem-solving in the areas of economics and social conscience. It singles out companies that harmonize social values, corporate social responsibility, and philanthropic efforts in their activities. The team showcases the value of Ecolab solutions such as 3D Trasar, Aquanomic, and Iron Guard towards corporate responsibility.

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Eddnell Villena
Communications Manager
Phone: +65 9823 8652
Email: eddnell.villena@ecolab.com

Abigail Lee
Communications Specialist
Phone: +82 10 3338 5166
Email: abigail.lee@ecolab.com

Miki Toyama
Communications Manager
Phone: +81 70 3617 5593
Email: miki.toyama@ecolab.com

Carrie-Ann Jefferies
Senior Communications Specialist
Phone: +61 418 518 903
Email: carrie-ann.jefferies@ecolab.com

Doris Qian
Corporate Communications Manager
Phone: +8621 6183 2465 or by email

For non-media related inquiries,
call +8621 6183 2500

Naazi Feizi
Communications Director, MEA Region Head
Phone: +971 4 8146961 or by email

For non-media related inquiries,
call +41 44 877 2000

Kate Askew
Director, Corporate Communications
Phone: +41 78 655 3005 or by email

For non-media related inquiries,
call +41 44 877 2000

Antonia Lang
Vice President, Communications, Global Nalco Water
Phone: +1 630 305 2260 or by email

Alejandro González d’Hyver de las Deses
Communications Manager, Latin America
Phone: +52 (55) 5001 2935 or by email

Carolina Simonetti
Communications Manager, Brasil
Phone: +55 11 2134 2649 or by email

Valeria Prado
Communications Director, Latin America
Phone: +1 954 436 2668 or by email