IMPACTful Dialogues: Activating Diverse Networks to Deliver Solutions

In this episode of Ecolab's podcast, "IMPACTful Dialogues," host Dexter Davis talks with Cathy Lambert, senior vice president for Ecolab's Global Talent group.
When we form diverse connections, build networks and tap into our unique strengths, Ecolab is at its best. Our 48,000 associates are our most valuable assets. During Development Season, a period from April 29 through June 7 dedicated by our company for professional development, we’re reminded that each of us has unlimited potential to unlock. 

In the fourth episode of our IMPACTful Dialogues series, Dexter Davis, senior vice president, Human Resources, Global Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, speaks with Cathy Lambert, senior vice president, Global Talent about the importance of creating a welcoming workplace and why diverse network building is key to professional development. 

Here are some highlights. 

Dexter: You’re a part of our Executive Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Council, and we're always paying attention to what's going on externally versus internally. We’re kind of in turbulent times when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion today, and I’d love to hear how, given all the external turbulence, are you able to keep the focus? 

Cathy: There are solutions and there are creative approaches that, frankly, you can’t get to without a little bit of tension. 

In tough times can often come the best solutions. It’s about getting really clear on values during that time, because that’s what steers us, right? If you’ve got your true north and you have a really clear set of values and how you get things done is aligned to that, then that goes a long way.

Dexter: You do a really good job at welcoming people, making sure they feel welcomed and really building out networks. How has that helped you throughout the progression of your career? And why is that important? And especially diverse networks, because I think that’s so important. It’s always important to have people that may not think like you, or look like you. How have you done that through your career, and how do you think that’s helped you be successful? 

Cathy: I have a fundamental belief in the potential of each and every one of us. It's just a core belief that I've got. I don't know where I got that, I don't know how I got that, it's just part of who I am. Along with that belief is that some of us — myself included — just happened to get really lucky in life and have the right set of circumstances that were a little easier to bring out the best in me. And with that self-awareness comes a sense of responsibility to create that environment as much as I can. Knowing that I'm just one person, but — as much as I can and how I can — extend my impact to create that for others. So, it’s really about unleashing the potential that I see in our associates. 

Whether it’s an associate that has been here for 35 years and how do we leverage the best out of her or his experience with us and what they've gained, or if it’s someone that's walking in the door tomorrow. 
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