February 17, 2021
Southville 550 by 310

While the pandemic rages, Ecolab continues to offer critical health and safety solutions to our vulnerable communities. This past month, Ecolab Philippines hand over a water refilling station to Southville 7, a resettlement area in the rural province of Calauan, Laguna, delivering clean drinking water to more than 200 families. There was not enough clean drinking water for the community. Our Ecolab team led the effort with a site inspection, and water quality testing

Ecolab partnered with NGO Philippine Business for Social Progress (PBSP) and together worked with an equipment group to install the system and train users. The pandemic and consequent restricted travel posed challenges but with diligent coordination, the project achieved successful completion.

Albert Samuela, SEA Marketing Lead, Nalco Water, proposed the Southville 7 project and sought support from the Ecolab Foundation. In addition to the refilling station, Ecolab also provided 100 gallons of hand soaps and hand sanitizers to Southville 7. “While the pandemic has been devastating, it’s all increased our awareness of the broad range of critical needs across our communities,” says Samuela. “With this project, we’ve made an impact. We hope it’s just the beginning.”

The water refilling station opened on January 20, 2021. In addition to providing safe drinking water, it will also generate income for the Southville 7 community housing association and help fund general maintenance of the resettlement area.

“Private sector like Ecolab working with a non-government organization is fundamental to our work with local communities like Southville 7. We see our partnership with the Philippine Business for Social Progress as an important step in continuing our effort to serve local communities.” 

Sarawoot Lerdmaleewong
SEA SBS Director and Country Manager, Philippines