AquaBatch™ and AquaDrain™
Filtration Systems

AquaBatchTM is a filter system specially designed to remove hair and lint out of tunnel washers. Water is pumped out of the rinse zone at the lowest point, filtered, and transferred back into the same compartment.

AquaDrainTM is a bag filtration system used to filter the back flush water from the AquaBatch. An oscillating filter bag removes the solid particles from the back flush water reducing the amount of lint and debris. This reduction will aid in reducing COD.

Equipment Details
Eliminate Hair and Lint

Increase customer satisfaction with the powerful combination of AquaBatch™ and AquaDrain™.

• Rinsing optimization reduces water consumption
• System works automatically – automatic back flush included
• Filtration will not impact tunnel transfer rates
• High filtration capacity – up to 65 gallons/minute
• Total volume of water is filtered up to 3 times within one batch cycle
• Flexible filter sizes: 115μ, 130μ, 200μ.
• Closed system for premium hygiene solution
• Low maintenance, easy installation
• Small footprint

• Reduces lint, hair and debris from drain
• COD reduction
• Single step filtration
• Moving filtration bag
• Stainless steel components
• Flexible filter sizes: 50μ, 100μ, 200μ, 400μ
• Low maintenance, easy installation
• Small footprint