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Bio-decontamination Solutions
for Cell and Gene Manufacturing

Whether you work in a research lab, a start-up manufacturer or an established pharmaceutical company, you’re creating life-changing cell and gene therapies for patients in need.

Working in the biopharmaceutical industry isn’t easy. Cell and gene therapy regulations are stringent and complex, and production facilities must meet exacting standards. This can pose significant challenges to companies that are going to market, scaling or maintaining their operation.

You need a bio-decontamination partner with regulatory expertise, and a deep understanding of the industry parameters you need to follow. Ecolab has the experience and expertise you need, to help create the conditions required for your groundbreaking work.

Cleanroom Expertise for Cell and Gene Manufacturing

Ecolab delivers cleanroom confidence. We offer technology and products that are proven to meet the sensitive and rigorous demands of cell and gene therapy manufacturing. Our portfolio of cleaning and advanced contamination control products and equipment is supported by proactive service and technical expertise.

Ecolab supports contamination control design and strategy from clinical trials to commercial manufacturing. This can reduce your costs of changes in scale, and ensure consistency in your patient and product protection.

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Trusted Expertise

  • Dedicated global technical consultant team with deep regulatory knowledge and an average of 20 years of experience
  • GMP manufacturing expertise for regulatory compliance in production processes, from current projects to future endeavors
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Support Every Step of the Way

  • Site assessments and best practice insights
  • Microbiological and sterility assurance consulting
  • Global regulatory compliance support
  • On-site training
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Validated Products and Processes

  • Optimized production through standardization
  • Certificates of Analysis available for all chemical SKUs and Bioquell bio-decontamination products
  • Decontamination services for commissioning, planned production changes or emergency response
  • Vaporized hydrogen peroxide decontamination for a variety of room setups and applications

Cell and Gene Therapy Products and Services

Pharmaceutical plant cleaning

Cell and Gene Therapy Cleaning and Bio-decontamination

Our science-driven innovation puts biopharmaceutical manufacturing companies at the forefront of compliance, product safety and operational excellence.

Ecolab Bioquell Qube, front facing, open with gloves

Bioquell Qube Aseptic Workstation

Create an aseptic workspace with Ecolab’s Bioquell Qube, a modular, expandable isolator.

Ecolab Bioquell technician setting up an RBDS system in a cleanroom

Rapid Bio-decontamination Service (RBDS) 

Customized bio-decontamination for any space, from a small enclosure to a large building.

Biocide wipes photo

Klercide™ Biocides and Disinfectants

Explore cleaning and disinfection products for contamination control in sterile environments.


Watch Cell and Gene Therapy Videos

The Bioquell Qube

Learn how the Bioquell Qube configurable isolator helps cell and gene therapy manufacturers protect their process and their patients.

Rapid Bio-Decontamination Service

See Bioquell Rapid Bio-Decontamination Service in action.