Cooling Water Chemistry

Scale, corrosion and microbial fouling threaten your cooling system every day. Combat them with a cost-effective chemical program designed to your unique circumstances. Nalco Water provides the proven, innovative solutions you have come to expect from a world leader in water chemistry. Our patented 3D TRASAR™ line of products allows you to operate at stress levels others cannot touch.

Stress Tolerant Azole
Corrosion of the copper alloys in your cooling system can result in failures of exchangers and can also lead to galvanic attack and an increase in pitting corrosion of your carbon steel assets. Ammonia, chlorides and other deleterious ions all represent high stress to your copper alloys. Conventional copper alloy corrosion inhibitors may work adequately under normal stress conditions but usually fail under high stress conditions such as when oxidizing biocide levels are high. Our Stress Tolerant Azole (STA) was formulated to overcome performance limitations by providing a very robust, long-lasting film to protect copper alloys even under the most demanding conditions.

Dual Cathodic Inhibitor (DCI)
Pitting corrosion is especially damaging to the metals found in cooling systems as it can result in rapid failure of your heat exchanger assets. Our Dual Cathodic Inhibitor (DCI) was designed to provide superior protection against pitting corrosion. By blending two proven cathodic inhibitors into a single product, DCI ensures complete suppression of the driving forces that cause pits to form.

High Charge Polymer (HCP)
Deposit and scale control is a critical component of any cooling water program. We have developed the most advanced deposit and scale control chemistry available in the industry today. Our High Charge Polymer (HCP) works to keep phosphate- and zinc-based corrosion inhibition chemistries soluble and corrosion levels low, even under the most demanding conditions. HCP chemistry benefits systems with high aluminum carryover from your pretreatment system or high iron from well water. We have seen improved performance even with increasing cycles of concentration. This translates to significant reductions in water usage where other solutions have failed.

Non-Phosphate Blends 
Developed for situations where phosphorous is limited by discharge regulations, this Phosphorous-free corrosion control program leverages the synergistic effect of two products to deliver excellent results even with varying and highly corrosive water characteristics. The extended application window includes soft water and high conductivity water with high chloride, along with high tolerance to pH upsets. This product is a specially formulated product using proprietary blend of polymers to control iron, manganese, calcium carbonate, calcium phosphate, calcium sulfate, zinc and suspended solids deposition cooling water systems. The chemical blend strengthens the carbon steel corrosion inhibition when paired with a cathodic corrosion inhibitor. 
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