DrySan™ Duo
Cleaner and Sanitizer

DrySan™ Duo is an U.S. EPA registered, ready-to-use, dry sanitizer and cleaner. This 2-in-1 product has been designed specifically to address the challenges that the food and beverage industry has long struggled with when cleaning in dry processing environments. This revolutionary product:  

  • Promotes quality assurance as a food safe sanitizer that is effective against various microorganisms 
  • Simplifies the cleaning process by eliminating the need for multiple cleaners and sanitizers, and no rinsing is required 
  • Improves worker safety with a low alcohol formula 
  • Covers multiple application areas including food contact surfaces, non-food contact surfaces, non-porous and waterproof gloves, footwear sanitization and more. 

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Increase Production and Help Reduce Costs

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Applications for DrySan™ Duo

DrySan™ Duo is food-safe and very versatile. It can be used on all food contact surfaces in food and beverage processing facilities. 

Facilities Using DrySan™ Duo

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DrySan™ Duo Equipment

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