Ecolab CIP Optimization Services

Ecolab CIP Optimization Service

Optimal performance of CIP systems in pharmaceutical manufacturing is key to efficient and effective production; the same goes for how they are cleaned.

Cleaning time is costly. It means downtime for the system, while often requiring a large amount of resources including water, energy, and chemistry to run the automated processes. Optimizing the entire process can help facilities reduce costs and cleaning time, without impacting product quality.

In any manufacturing process, maintaining a clean environment by preventing microbial contamination or cross-contamination is critical for the safety and quality of your products, mitigating regulatory risk.

That’s why having a validated process is required. An SOP should outline parameters for the four factors of clean in a system: time, mechanical action, chemical concentration, and temperature. While slight adjustments to any of the four can make subtle improvements in efficiency, reviewing the four together in a harmonized fashion can help identify opportunities and establish a plan for taking real advantage of any efficiency gains.

Working with Ecolab experts can help you get optimization right the first time.

 As part of our audit of your facilities we can uncover new value opportunities that include:

  • Reducing energy, water and chemistry usage
  • Reducing time to clean
  • Eliminating manual cleaning interventions
  • Reducing environmental impact
  • Increasing cost effectiveness
  • Ensuring compliance with current GMP and regulatory expectations
  • Protecting the health and safety of staff

We do this through:

CIP Optimization Lab Services

Laboratory Services

Soil and residue identification and sample testing creates a quicker and more successful recommendation.

Our Value: Through advanced studies and testing, our team makes sure the chemistry solution is entirely effective against your unique, targeted soils, is easily rinsed and removed from the system, and works at the optimal dilution.

CIP Optimization Site Surveys

Site Surveys

Our team works with you to understands your goals, KPIs and existing validation process and reviews all equipment and methods in the manufacturing and cleaning process.

Our Value: Our formal optimization recommendations are matched to your key performance indicators (safety, water savings, efficiency, etc.) Our report summarizes potential savings and an implementation strategy that minimizes production disruptions.