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Guest Experience

Ensuring your brand consistently delivers excellence and an elevated guest experience isn’t just a goal; it’s the cornerstone of your success. Improving your brand’s customer experience can help improve customer satisfaction, increase customer loyalty and drive product growth.

EcoSure goes above and beyond a customer experience program. We deliver customized assessments, reporting and improvement recommendations covering everything from guest experience and brand standards to public health and workplace safety, ensuring all components are integrated into a comprehensive brand protection strategy.

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What is an EcoSure Program?

An EcoSure program is an end-to-end brand protection solution that combines unit-level assessments, metrics and reporting, corrective action plans and industry expertise. The program tailors core brand protection areas—including customer experience and operational quality control—to your business so all program components align with company-wide priorities.

After the program has been designed for your organization, EcoSure team members conduct on-site assessments at the unit-level, analyzing brand compliance, identifying the root cause of problem areas and improvement opportunities. The program turns visit results into actionable insights delivering: on-site teaching and coaching, root cause analysis, corrective action management and customizable reports.

EcoSure partners with you to:

  • Determine program priority areas
  • Customize program design
  • Conduct on-site assessments
  • Discover actionable insights
  • Recommend program enhancements
  • Deliver an elevated customer experience across your brand

Core Brand Protection Program Components

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On a reoccurring schedule appropriate to the needs and operations of your business, EcoSure conducts on-site assessments of unit operations. The assessment scope is customized to your business priorities and covers multiple areas including, guest experience.

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Actionable Insights

The program is designed to provide actionable insights through robust data reporting including unit-level digital reporting, industry benchmarking, company-wide dashboards and executive business reviews. The EcoSure team also provides data analysis with tailored recommendations to help drive meaningful improvements.

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Training and Corrective Action

Based upon your visit findings, we provide comprehensive training and corrective action recommendations to help drive behavior change and improve operational results.


Industry Best Practices

EcoSure stays up-to-date on best practices and industry trends, enhancing your insights and contributing to impactful brand protection results. Our active involvement in industry-leading organizations and agencies ensures our programs are always in alignment with the latest guest experience standards and trends in the field.

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How does EcoSure help drive customer experience improvements?

Helping you ensure delivery of consistent high-quality customer experiences across all locations.

EcoSure understands the dynamic nature of guest expectations, and our industry expertise enables a true client partnership.

Within our EcoSure program, we offer comprehensive options for guest experience visits that are designed to elevate your business's commitment to customer satisfaction. We collaborate with you to design a customized assessment scope based on your brand's guest experience goals. Our evaluations cover critical aspects of guest interactions, from staff greeting and demeanor to facility cleanliness and wait times. Through our onsite coaching approach and by utilizing data-driven insights, an EcoSure program empowers your teams to create memorable guest experiences.

We work with your brand to build custom assessment criteria, which can include:

  • Front-of-House Condition: We evaluate the appearance and atmosphere of your front-of-house areas, helping to ensure alignment with your brand's vision.
  • Staff Greeting & Demeanor: Your staff is the face of your business. We assess greeting and demeanor, because it is critical that every guest receives a warm and welcoming experience from the moment they step through your doors.
  • Wait Time: EcoSure can help pinpoint opportunities to improve wait time, helping you optimize efficiency and reduce guest frustration.
  • Payment Processing: We evaluate your payment processes for speed, accuracy and ease of use.
  • Exterior Condition: Your premises extend beyond your front door. We evaluate the exterior to help you maintain a positive impression before guests enter your establishment.
  • Drive-thru Condition: For businesses with drive-thru services, we assess that this guest interaction meets the highest standards of speed, accuracy and overall experience.

Benefits of a Brand Protection Strategy

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End-to-End Program Management

The EcoSure team is responsible for program buildout, execution and data analysis. 

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Consistent Employee Performance

Our approach is centered around training, coaching and corrective action at the unit level, which helps to build an employee culture that emphasizes safety, accountability, knowledge retention and power. 

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Actionable Insights

Our visits offer insight into everyday operations so our team can make recommendations specific to your brand. 


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Exceptional Client Experience

EcoSure’s unique all-inclusive agreement structure is transparent, creating the opportunity to build a collaborative partnership and focus on driving program results. 

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