NODSAN EAS (500x310px)


A flexible sanitizer solution that reduces
time spent cleaning and sanitizing

Nodsan® EAS  (Non-OxiDating SANitizing Eau Acide Soude) is a flexible sanitizer that combines with alkali or acid cleaners to provide cleaning sanitation in beverage and food processing facilities. In certain conditions, extended usage up to the next cleaning cycle is applicable, making NODSAN a flexible sanitizer for your operation. 

The solution is now available in Indonesia, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. It’s equivalent to Aniosteril EAS ECO from Anios, an Ecolab company with products marketed in Europe.

These are some of the benefits of a reusable sanitizer that combines sanitation with cleaning action: 

Less time spent cleaning, more time producing
Reduced water and energy usage
Reduced cleaning costs without compromising food safety

Nodsan® EAS  is currently used in 200 facilities across Europe, the Middle East and some parts of Asia.  

  • Broad material compatibility
  • No toxicologically relevant reactive by-products such as Chlorate, THM, AOX
  • Most recent BPR norms and conditions applied to all efficacy testing
  • Can be used at higher temperatures than oxidative disinfectants
  • No loss of efficacy during storage CIP phase 
  • Time saving potential with associated water and energy savings
  • Prevents spore and bacteriophage cross-contamination in caustic use solutions
  • Long term stability in soaking baths


Diary Plant


With Nodsan® EAS, a dairy company streamlines its sanitation process to reduce 20 minutes of downtime per CIP. The result is a net weekly productivity gain of 80 hours. On a daily basis, that translates to a savings of 13-to-20 production mixes and 500 m3 of water.
Beverage Conveyor


A beverage company with a multiple temperature point cleaning processes for different variants can now consolidate its use of sanitizers to just one, Nodsan® EAS, for easier handling and storage.
Corn on Mill Equipment (500x310px)


In switching to Nodsan® EAS from an oxidative sanitizer, a casein production site reduces annual CIP (Clean-in-Place) downtime by 170 hours while reducing the discharge of 4,300 m3, of which 30% is freshwater.