Non-Iodine Udder Care

Unique, non-iodine teat dip that provides fast, broad-spectrum germicidal activity before and
after milking.

Cows Need Effective. You Need Affordable.

Wash and Prep RTU™

Non-Iodine Teat Dip or Spray
for Pre-Milking

Specially formulated to lay waste to mastitis-causing organisms, gently helping protect sensitive skin and saving you money right away with an affordable, iodine-free pre-dip.

Ultimate™ T.D. AND Ultimate™ T.S.

Non-Iodine Teat Dip or Spray
for Post-Milking

Now there are two new ways to get iodine-free protection post milking: Ecolab Ultimate T.D. or Ultimate T.S. Select the dip or spray formula that's right for your operation—then use together with Wash & Prep RTU™ pre-dip for the ultimate iodine-free combo system.