OMNI™ Analytics Condenser Performance

Powered by ECOLAB3D™

Mechanical, operational and chemical changes can lead to inefficient condenser performance that affects power plant efficiency and causes significant financial penalties.

OMNI Analytics for condenser performance delivers secure data analytics in real-time with new insights and solutions that predict and prevent operational problems. More sophisticated condenser performance monitoring and visibility allow you to move from being reactive to proactive. With OMNI Analytics, you can boost your power plant efficiency, run your business more efficiently and minimize operating costs.

The program combines data analytics with over 20 years of 3D TRASAR™ digital insights, 24/7 condenser performance monitoring, and on-site expertise—the critical human element—that assures reliable high performance and maximum power plant efficiency.

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Benefits of OMNI Analytics Condenser Performance

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Faster Problem Solving

OMNI Analytics helps find problems faster and direct troubleshooting efforts more effectively than more common data trending.

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Detecting Potential Issues

Predictive Analytics detect problems before they occur.


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Customer Success Stories

Gas Processing

3D TRASAR Bio-Control Reduces Beach Usage 75%

A south Texas combined cycle power plant improves performance and reduces bleach use by 75%, representing savings of $13K per year. 


Adopting a Bio-Dispersant Program Saves $

One of the offerings of the OMNI Condenser Performance program saved PacifiCorp Naughton Station over $900,000 in maintenance, lost production, and fuel costs.


$600K Annual Economic Recovery

Constellation Energy Nuclear Group (CENG) uses condenser cleanliness program to reduce oxidant concentrations and increase capacity.

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OMNI and Your Enterprise System

Learn more about how OMNI Analytics powered by ECOLAB3D™ can enable collaboration and optimize real savings within your industrial water treatment program.


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