SCALE-GUARD™ PLUS Scale Management

Nalco Water SCALE-GUARD PLUS scale control systems combine tailor made chemical programs, new monitoring and control technology, and mechanical, operational and chemical best practices to improve pulp and paper scale management. Nalco Water's analytical capabilities and extensive resources enable us to accurately assess your scaling problem and develop cost-effective solutions to boost your pulp yield.

Nalco Water SCALE-GUARD Plus Technology 

Scale management begins at the digester and plays a critical role in preventing problems throughout the pulp mill that could affect pulp yield. Water optimization and process changes can result in the accumulation of tenacious scale deposits in critical areas. In addition, many pulp mills have modified their washing and bleaching processes due to changing environmental regulations. All of these changes have increased scaling problems, reduced brightness ceilings, escalated energy costs, caused imbalances in organic levels, and increased operating costs. Our scale control systems solve these problems.

Success Stories

Paper Roll in Mill

A mill had problems due to digester scale deposition and needed scale management. SCALE-GUARD PLUS saved the mill $400,000 in operations and grew production by 1,000 tons per year. 


A poorly run antiscalant program was causing a bleached pulp mill to regularly shutdown. Choosing SCALE-GUARD PLUS as a scale control system saved $5/ton in bleaching chemicals.