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Water Safety Intelligence

Powered by ECOLAB3D™

Water Safety Intelligence powered by ECOLAB3D delivers unparalleled insight into your water risk. It allows you to proactively manage your water safety program and quickly address Legionella risk across your enterprise with robust data, advanced analytics and industry-leading expertise. 

How Water Safety Intelligence Works

Assess Real-Time Legionella Growth Risk 
Reduce response time up to 50%

Monitor Portfolio Compliance & Performance 
Enterprise-wide visibility; site-level action

Helps Boost Productivity and Avoid Costly Fines 
Has been shown to help lower expenses by as much as 10%

Assess Legionella Test Results 
Has been shown to help reduce Legionella positives by up to 44%


The Water Safety Intelligence Digital Platform is Designed to Aggregate and Evaluate Critical Data to:

Legionella Nodes

Proactively Understand

your level of risk for Legionella growth

looking at screen, working, glasses, misc, PRS, heavy

Identify Recommended Actions

to address your risk

Cooling towers

Provide Enterprise-Wide Visibility

into the execution of your water safety program


Accurately Track and Improve

site-level performance

 Group of people sitting at a table talking

Track Progress

toward your corporate benchmarks and industry standards

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As the global leader in water safety for more than 30 years, Nalco Water is uniquely qualified to help you manage and reduce Legionella risk.
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