Energy is in critical demand across Europe and production managers in personal care manufacturing facilities are facing rising pressures to find ways to maintain their current production levels, while also lowering the demand for energy within their plants.

As savvy production managers look for smart ways to reduce energy consumption, there’s one often-overlooked area that holds huge opportunities: changing how process equipment is cleaned and disinfected.


Consider this. A change from thermal to chemical disinfection can eliminate the thermal energy required to disinfect. How can you do it?

First, use a disinfectant that is effective at ambient temperature. This eliminates the energy needed to heat water to a temperature needed to disinfect, or generate steam.

Ecolab P3 Oxonia Active

Ecolab p3-oxonia active is a peroxyacetic acid, antimicrobial agent with broad antimicrobial activity

  • Ambient temperature solution for disinfection
  • Registered disinfectant
  • Proven efficacy at low concentration against bacteria, yeasts, and fungi
  • Peroxyacetic acid based
  • Excellent material compatibility
  • Non-foaming, suitable for CIP systems
  • Excellent rinsability


Other ways to reduce energy:

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Choose Purpose-Built Detergents

Choosing purpose-build detergents developed for the cosmetics industry. This helps optimize your cleaning cycles and helps prevent re-cleaning of stubborn soils that don’t dissolve when using a one size fits all cleaning product.

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Clean at Correct Temperature

Cleaning at the correct temperature. Every degree counts! New detergent formulations can clean cosmetic products, even with high pigment concentrations, at a lower temperature range, requiring less energy to heat to an active temperature.

Ecolab has the expertise to help you do this!

Our Technical Experts and Research and Development team works with you to ensure you have the best cleaning solution that’s optimized for your specific soils, formulations and production equipment.

Ecolab Life Science Expert with manufacturing plant personnel

Our Technical Experts partner with you to find the most efficient and cost-effective way to clean and disinfect your process equipment and:

  • Reduce your energy and water consumption
  • Increase production output by minimizing downtime
  • Improve operator safety

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