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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has issued a Data Call-In (DCI) for the active ingredient para-tertiary amylphenol (PTAP), a phenolic active ingredient found in some registered disinfectants. PTAP active ingredient manufacturers have chosen not to support the DCI, and as a result, PTAP disinfectant products will soon no longer be compliant and available on the market in the U.S.
United States Impact

U.S. Impacts

Pharmaceutical manufacturers currently using PTAP-based products in the U.S. will have to find and validate alternative solutions.
Global Impacts

Global Impacts

Global pharmaceutical manufacturers wanting to maintain a harmonized global offering will need to find and validate alternative solutions.
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Learn more about the PTAP data call-in, including how it fits with global regulatory trends, as well as forward-thinking strategies for building a compliant cleanroom disinfection program.


Choose a Forward-Thinking PTAP Alternative 

Ecolab Klercide Cleanroom Quat

Ecolab® Klercide™ Cleanroom Quat

Ecolab offers an innovative biocide that directly aligns with global regulatory standards to drive both long-term compliance and ongoing operational efficiency. Ecolab Klercide® Cleanroom Quat is a next generation quaternary ammonium compound biocide. Unlike traditional quaternary ammonium compounds, the low concentration active in Klercide Cleanroom Quat leaves minimal residue behind on surfaces, helping ensure sanitization while reducing the requirement for routine rinsing.

Globally Compliant

Globally Compliant

A compliant PTAP alternative in the U.S., approved for use in major global markets and can be a cornerstone of a globally harmonized cleanroom program.
Proven Sanitation

Proven Sanitation

Proven to deliver high-efficacy sanitization in cleanroom environments.

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence

Features a unique formulation that reduces residues compared to phenolic actives and traditional quat formulations.

Simplify Revalidation: 
Ecolab Validex™ Program

The Ecolab Validex Program helps pharmaceutical manufacturers address the time, cost and uncertainty of the validation process, providing a global method, supporting data set and supporting expertise — all tailored specifically for the cleanroom environment.

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