Let us empower your team with the same world-class solutions and real-time online support of our larger programs, scaled to meet smaller water system needs. 

With our program, your team can harness powerful, connected digital solutions for low-cost, rapid-response, and high-impact water treatment—all with a guaranteed savings of 15%.


Using your KPIs and side data, our experts will conduct a best-practice gap analysis of your operations against industry standards. It’s a customized way for you to see just what our small water system program can save you in water, energy and asset wear. Simply provide your contact information in the form to the right. 



Data Collection
  • 3D TRASAR™ Controller
  • Mobile Data Entry
  • Analytical Samples





  • 3D TRASAR Data Visualization Platform
  • Regular System Performance Reports
  • Continuous Water Quality Trends
Test Tubes
  • 3D TRASAR Connected Chemistry
  • Remote Chemistry Feed Control
  • Optimized Water Quality


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3D TRASAR™ Technology for Cooling Water

Through Nalco Water’s latest advancements in innovation, the next generation of 3D TRASAR Cooling Water Technology gives you the information and operational assistance you need to control your cooling water systems and protect your assets.

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Ecolab Global Intelligence Center

The Ecolab Global Intelligence Center operates 24-7 to ensure someone from Nalco Water is always watching your system. The expert center will routinely make recommendations for operational improvements and will also take immediate action on alarms.

Cooling Water Treatment

Cooling Water Treatment For Industrial Cooling Water Systems

Our cooling water treatment solutions are designed to provide proper chemical treatment and preventive maintenance of once-through and open- and closed- recirculating cooling tower systems.


Water Quality Intelligence: Real-Time Water Performance Intelligence

Water Quality Intelligence provides visibility into your industrial water treatment program, providing insights to optimize asset integrity and take proactive actions to save water, energy and costs.