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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a huge impact on the entire world and more specifically to the way people live, work, and think. Working with a single supplier of cleaning, disinfecting and hand hygiene solutions is an easy way to help ensure your business, and your operating costs, are protected.

Ecolab Life Sciences, a leading a supplier to pharmaceutical and personal care manufacturers, can help you navigate the many cleaning, disinfection and sanitization needs within in your operations. Beyond delivering the appropriate cleaning and hand hygiene products for every situation, we also share our expertise to help prevent the spread of infection and provide guidance on maintaining a safe and healthy operation.

With Ecolab, your business is in safe hands.


All Key Areas of Your Pharmaceutical or
Personal Care Facility are 

Washing hands

• Hand Hygiene

Establishing a comprehensive hand care program throughout your pharmaceutical or personal care facility can help prevent the spread of illness among employees and visitors. Ecolab has developed total hand hygiene offerings, including hand soap and sanitizer, that make hand cleaning habits efficient, safe, and simple.


Ecolab disinfectant spray

• Facility Disinfection

Frequent disinfection of high touch points, public spaces and offices throughout your pharmaceutical or personal care facility are key. Ecolab has a range of approved and effective disinfectants in ready-to-use spray and wipe formats ideal for a variety of spaces and surfaces.


Cleaning in production cleanroom facility

• Product Manufacturing

Ecolab Life Sciences supports safety, compliance and operational efficiency for global pharmaceutical and personal care manufacturers by delivering a comprehensive programmatic approach to contamination control, cleaning and disinfection. Our end-to-end solutions, ranging from basic cleaning to contamination control, allow you to have safer products and processes by reducing your risks.


Ecolab’s Impact on the World

For nearly 100 years, Ecolab has been partnering with the world’s biggest brands to help them advance food safety, protect public health, optimize water and energy use and operate efficiently. We’ve been working behind the scenes to help businesses protect their products, their operations and the places where people eat, sleep, work, play and heal. Our innovative products and services touch virtually every aspect of daily life and are used in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, schools, manufacturing plants, and other locations throughout the world. Because we serve customers at nearly 3 million locations in 170 countries, we can have a significant impact on the world – making it cleaner, safer and healthier while protecting people and vital resources.



In 2019, We Partnered with Businesses to Help:

Handwashing icon


Clean 40 Billion Hands

Wiping icon


Clean 1 Billion+ Hotel Rooms

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Clean 15 Million+ Patient Rooms

Meal icon


Clean 58 Billion Restaurant Meals

Produce icon


Safely Produce More Than 36% of the World's Packages

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Reduce More Than 1.2 Million Infections


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