ACTRENE™ for Ethylene Light Ends Distillation

Leading the market for the past three decades, the ACTRENE light ends program sets the industry standard for delivering reliable fouling control for the light ends section. Our market-leading position provides a unique industry benchmark, a database that allows our customers to strive for world-class performance by identifying performance gaps against their peer groups. Our product line incorporates cutting edge research, allowing customers to achieve eight+ year run lengths.

30 Years of ACTRENE

In the 1980s, global ethylene and propylene demand was on the rise. Capacity was limited by frequent plant maintenance, and the average plant run length was less than 2 years. In 1986, fouling control in ethylene distillation was forever changed with the 1st Generation ACTRENE. Over the last 30 years, ACTRENE has increased plant run length to a record 8 years, saved $127MM in cleaning costs, reduced hazardous operations by 500,000 man-hours, and increased ethylene producers profits by $3.9 billion.

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Unique Chemistry

We customize each customer’s treatment based on a thorough understanding of your tower sequences, operational conditions, feedstock compositions, and tower and reboiler designs. Our fourth generation product line contains patented proprietary combinations of polymer inhibitors and dispersants specifically designed for each tower’s fouling severity. We have a track record for delivering light ends performance from turnaround to turnaround.


Industry Leading Fouling Monitoring

Combining our experience throughout the decades, we created our ACTRENE Pro program—the most comprehensive monitoring and optimization tool for light ends operation. The program allows our service engineers to gain an in-depth knowledge of the tower fouling tendencies and adjust our program accordingly.

Customer Success Story

See how implementing a new ACTRENE antifoulant program dramatically increased depropanizer tower runlength.