Chicken Being Treated with Antimicrobial Tissue Treatment Solution

Antimicrobial Tissue Treatment Program

Ecolab enables you to produce your beef, pork, chicken and seafood products with the highest food safety standards — while improving productivity and reducing costs. Partner with us to help optimize your entire meat processing operation. Our antimicrobial tissue treatment program combines chemistry, industry expertise, advanced equipment and an automation and monitoring platform, to provide innovative solutions, world-class service, and peace of mind. 
Inside of a meat processing plant.

Maximize Efficiency and Food Safety: Inspexx™ 250

Inspexx™ 250 is our latest antimicrobial agent for the treatment of chicken, turkey, beef and pork surface. Our comprehensive antimicrobial tissue treatments help customers produce the highest quality food products, with the highest standards of food safety, while improving productivity and promoting employee safety. 

Meat processing line.

Ecolab PAA Study

Peracetic Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide Post-dip Decay Kinetics on Red Meat and Poultry

Peracetic acid (PAA) is a widely used antimicrobial in the food and protein industries. Post-application decay of PAA has not been well studied, until now. The experts at Ecolab studied this decay using Inspexx™ and published the study in the March/April issue of Food Protection Trends.

The research supports the fact that Inspexx™ can be used as a processing aid in meat and poultry operations at up to 2000 ppm with no long-term residues. PAA and hydrogen peroxide rapidly decays below the limit of detection (LOD) and limit of quantitation (LOQ) levels within 30 minutes of immersion exposure. Ultimately, PAA and peroxide residuals on finished meat products have no functional effect and would be negligible at time of retail sale or consumption.  

Ecolab Scientist Working with Inspexx 250 and Other Antimicrobial Concentrations

The Effect of Antimicrobial Concentrations

Learn how Salmonella sp. and Campylobacter on the surface of poultry react when exposed to higher concentrations of Inspexx™. 


Antimicrobial Case Study iPad

Antimicrobial Program Success

Customer Impact

Dedicated to corporate social responsibility, Gold’n Plump saved 68 million gallons of water annually with the successful implementation of the Inspexx™ system from Ecolab. See how in the Gold 'n Plump's Farm to Fork Report.

Case Study

Not only did Gold’n Plump dramatically reduce their water consumption, their water conservation improvements resulted in water cost savings and experienced a nearly 20% increase in productivity with our Water Recycling System. 

Customer Success Stories

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Fresh and Further Processed Red Meat: SANOVA™

The SANOVA™ Antimicrobial System helps case-ready ground beef products resulting in a 4-log or 99.99% reduction in Listeria, Salmonella and E. coli.

Chicken being processed in food facility.

Ready-to-Eat Products: Octa-Gone™

Octa-Gone™ plant management partnered with Ecolab to develop and implement an antimicrobial and sanitation plan that would address all aspects of the current situation, from sanitary design issues to general plant sanitation, to help eliminate Listeria monocytogenes from the plant.

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