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Dry Paint Booth Overspray Management

As new Automotive and Electric Vehicle plants are built and older paint lines are upgraded, dry paint booth technology is becoming the go-to solution for state-of-the-art paint booth performance with a reduced environmental footprint.  Expertise in air balancing, performance-based filtration and efficient waste management on these highly specialized systems is required to maintain paint quality, continuously improve uptime and optimize total cost of operation. Nalco Water provides a complete managed operations solution that includes system monitoring and performance-based filter management to help you get the most out of your system at the lowest possible cost. Nalco Water developed the first managed operations program for dry booths when they were first introduced in the United States. This has grown to where today Nalco Water operations management programs are employed in over 80% of the dry booths in North America.

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Total Paint Booth Management

Paint overspray is one of the critical components in total booth management. In dry paint booths, special attention to monitoring and control of overspray variables and filter management along with Nalco Water expertise and on-site operations can help provide more up-time with better first-time quality. Learn more about the process areas of the paint shop Nalco Water can help to optimize.

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Operations Management for Automotive Manufacturing

Nalco Water Managed Operations teams can help you manage:

  • Media delivery and consumption
  • Filter loading and performance optimization
  • System fault management and reporting
  • Waste management and disposal
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Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Water System Design and Startup Consultation

Due to our extensive dry booth experience, involving Nalco Water early in your design or conversion, we can provide consultation in process optimization that can lead to quicker production ramp-up and lower defect rates.  We can provide best practice programs to be implemented on day one.

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