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Long-Term Care Facilities Brand Protection Solutions

Long-term care (LTC) facilities face unique challenges to meet strict regulatory requirements and provide the best experience for their residents. Due to the health sensitivity of the resident population, a focus on preventing the spread of infection or exposure to foodborne pathogens is crucial. Optimizing efficiency, staffing and employee retention are top concerns for long term care providers.

At EcoSure, we offer comprehensive programs to support your facility’s efforts to achieve operational excellence while prioritizing the well-being of your residents and staff. We take a collaborative approach to onsite assessments, coaching and industry best practices. We create a unique program that encompasses the critical components of your operation. Our programs provide long term care data analytics, real-time insights and actionable steps that mitigate brand risk and optimize resident and visitor experiences. 

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A Brand Protection Strategy Focused On Critical Operations

  • Brand Standards 
  • Guest Experience
  • Food Safety 
  • Public Health
  • Workplace Safety 
  • Product Quality
  • Sustainability 

Your reputation matters. Let us help you protect it. 

EcoSure's best-in-class LTC assessment program takes a comprehensive approach by covering assessment standards across key areas in: public health, food safety, resident experience, workplace safety, and brand standards. Our field advisors partner with you to improve your operational performance, reduce your risks, and increase your resident satisfaction.

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EcoSure 2023 Brand Protection Photoshoot

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EcoSure's comprehensive LTC assessment program partners with you to drive positive change in your brand. Some benefits of our best-in-class brand protection solution include:

Enhancements to operational efficiency, leading to smoother day-to-day operations and staff retention
Improved regulatory compliance
Prioritized resident and visitor experience
Protection of your brand reputation and bottom line

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