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Pretreatment and ECoat Management

Metal pretreatment and electrodeposition coating (ECoat) processes play an important role in minimizing paint defects and ensuring a quality finished product. Water quality in the rinse stages, ECoat and Ultra-Filtration (UF) systems can drive reduced defects in the paint resulting in higher production efficiency. 

Nalco Water has the expertise to manage all of your water treatment needs including particle reduction and bio management while prioritizing continuous improvement.

Typical pretreatment and ECoat areas use over 50% of the plant’s freshwater, making it a prime location to reduce and recycle water. Nalco Water has a unique combination of capabilities including on-site operations management, dedicated engineering and digital monitoring and alarming tools. With this expertise and capabilities, Nalco Water has the ability to help you identify and implement water reduction strategies while maintaining your high standard of productivity and product quality.

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Total Paint Booth Management

The management of the pretreatment and ECoat area is one of the critical areas in total paint booth management that can impact FTQ. Water quality and quantity are key parameters that our team of experts monitors. Learn more about our comprehensive approach to the critical process areas of the paint shop and how Nalco Water can help to optimize them.

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Reverse Osmosis Management

The Nalco Water program for reverse osmosis management includes: equipment design and build, chemistry for operation and on-site management. Nalco Water can provide a turnkey solution for pretreatment and ECoat water needs.

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Automotive Engineered Solutions

From filtration to full reuse projects, the Nalco Water dedicated Automotive Engineering team, has the expertise to meet your quality and water reduction goals. 

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Electric Vehicle Water System Design and Startup Consultation

Considering water use across the plant, especially in the pretreatment and ECoat areas, early in the electric vehicle site design and managing it through start-up provides the most efficient systems.


Customer Success Story:

Electric Vehicle Manufacturer Avoids Downtime After Contaminated Wastewater Incident

An electric vehicle manufacturing plant was pushing to increase productivity when a wastewater incident threatened to slow them down. The Nalco Water team’s expert response kept them running, reduced asset damage and helped avoid a permit violation and expensive remediation solutions.

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