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Quick Service Restaurant Brand Protection Solutions

In an industry that's rapidly evolving, it's essential for brands to set themselves apart from the competition. Quick service restaurant (QSR) food safety is critical for reputation and public health. In an industry facing shifting customer expectations, labor challenges and economic fluctuation, better visibility into locations and effective training practices can help a brand thrive.

EcoSure partners with global quick-service restaurants to create an end-to-end brand protection strategy. We understand that consumers need compelling reasons to choose your brand over others, and our programs are designed to make those distinctions shine. We create a unique program that encompasses the critical components of any operation, whether it's reinforcing your brand’s standards, reviewing food safety practices, or improving guest experiences. We're here to help you stand out.


A Brand Protection Strategy Focused On Critical Operations

  • Brand Standards 
  • Guest Experience
  • Food Safety 
  • Public Health
  • Workplace Safety 
  • Product Quality
  • Sustainability 

Your reputation matters. How are you keeping it protected?

EcoSure's best-in-class quick service restaurant brand protection and assessment program takes a comprehensive approach by covering assessment standards across key areas in: brand standards, food safety, public health, guest experience, and workplace safety. Our field advisors partner with you to maintain a protected reputation, increase guest satisfaction, reduce turnover and mitigate food safety and workplace safety risks to set your brand apart. 

Programs, Products, Equipment and Services

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EcoSure 2023 Brand Protection Photoshoot

Proven Results

After 4 years, EcoSure quick service restaurant customers experienced a 22.5% decrease in normalized critical findings.

EcoSure's comprehensive quick service restaurant assessment program partners with you to gather and analyze your QSR insights and drive positive change in your brand. Some benefits of our best-in-class program:

Increased brand standards compliance to stand out in a competitive market.
Confidence in public health practices to keep guests safe in your quick-service restaurants.
Proactive communication on the latest food safety practices to inform program updates.
Protection of your brand reputation and bottom line.

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