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Validation and Verification For Food and Beverage Processing

To maintain food safety and meet audit standards, food and beverage processing cleaning programs require validation and verification.

Validation of cleaning programs require scientific proof that a process works. If there are changes to the process which may significantly impact efficacy (e.g. a change in equipment or chemicals, the introduction of a new ingredient or product), the process may need to be re-validated.

Verification of cleaning programs follow validation and require scientific proof that the control measures have been implemented as designed. In other words, they are in place, are being followed according to plan and are being carried out consistently. 

Validation should be conducted at least annually or when a significant changes are made to the product, process, chemistry or equipment. Verification needs to be done consistently and frequently.

Ecolab Validation Expertise

Validation is a time-consuming process that requires experience and attention to detail. Ecolab experts can ease the burden by helping you conduct validation and by providing support documentation. We also run analytical and technical service labs where our scientists can evaluate new ingredients or products and recommend the right cleaning chemistry and processes.

If you’re implementing a new product trying to diagnose a cleaning process that isn't working, our team can provide on-site support.

Ecolab Verification Offerings

Once validation is complete, Ecolab offers verification solutions to help ensure you're audit-ready and maintaining food safety and quality.

Our customizable ATP monitoring system helps optimize your food safety program, and our Food Safety and Quality Supervisor platform increases data visibility and drives performance.

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