Ecolab Presents Innovative Digital Food Safety And Water Management Solutions at Drinktec 2022

September 02, 2022
  • Food and beverage production has become increasingly complex due to new requirements, an accelerated pace of new products, and greater demand for safe food and sustainable practices.
  • At drinktec 2022, Ecolab will present digital food safety and water management solutions that help companies accelerate safety and sustainability goals along with business performance.
  • Emilio Tenuta, SVP of Sustainability, and Stephen Anderson, SVP and GM of Food and Beverage Global Solutions, will speak on the criticality of smart water management at the event.


Food and beverage companies are faced with the daily challenge of maintaining excellent product quality while seeking greater operational efficiency and sustainability. One challenge specifically – water scarcity – is more than a hypothetical risk for companies around the world. It constrains growth as demand for goods and services rises, and available resources dwindle. At drinktec 2022, Ecolab will highlight innovative digital solutions that help ensure consistent quality while building greater resilience for businesses in a water-stressed world.

Delivering safe food to consumers

During the event, Ecolab plans to focus on solutions that help customers maintain food safety and protect quality, including its 3D TRASAR™ Clean-in-Place (CIP) solution. 3D TRASAR™ for CIP monitors CIP wash details, serving as a 24/7 verification tool for all washes. The solution allows users to ensure that they are following the correct washing protocol in real time, so businesses can use the least amount of time, energy and water necessary. 3D TRASAR™ for CIP features an updated digital interface and actionable insights so companies can identify risks quickly and take steps to ensure quality, performance and sustainability.

Ecolab will also highlight an Intelligent Rodent Monitoring system that provides visibility and control. Using a smart-device program, Ecolab pinpoints rodent activity, pressure points and risk areas. Data points and device activity are consolidated into highly visual, actionable insights, and status and service details are documented for proof of regulatory compliance. This helps to minimize costly operational and food safety risks as well as the risk to brand reputation.

Digitally enabled smart water management

In addition to food safety, Ecolab plans to focus on the criticality of smart water management during the event. Smart water management is Ecolab’s approach to helping food and beverage processing companies minimize water use while maximizing performance at an optimized cost. Digital technology is a key component of the approach, and Ecolab plans to highlight a variety of intelligence solutions that help companies measure and manage water use and quality.

One solution, Water Flow Intelligence powered by ECOLAB3D™, is a digital service that provides real-time visibility of water use at the enterprise, site and asset levels. The solution combines smart water meters and sensors with advanced water flow measurement and monitoring, asset performance insights and machine learning. Through this technology, Ecolab helps to enable companies to identify water savings opportunities so they can deliver on sustainability goals and reduce operational costs.

Ecolab will also highlight Water Quality Intelligence powered by ECOLAB3D. The solution combines controller data, field information, laboratory analysis and other defined KPIs to deliver real-time insights into the health of critical assets, like boilers, cooling towers, membranes, and more. The intuitive dashboard allows companies to react to challenges quickly so they can maintain performance and avoid costly operational upsets while conserving water and energy. 

Both Water Flow Intelligence and Water Quality Intelligence are powered by ECOLAB3D, a secure, cloud-based intelligence platform that translates data into actionable insights. The platform connects to multiple sources and processes over 90 billion data points from connected systems across the globe. ECOLAB3D uses advanced algorithms and predictive analytics to power strong business outcomes, enhancing the value that Ecolab can deliver to food and beverage companies.

To expand on the importance of smart water management, Emilio Tenuta, senior vice president and chief sustainability officer at Ecolab, and Stephen Anderson, senior vice president and general manager of Ecolab’s Food and Beverage Global Solutions, will present an educational session called “Digitally Enabled Smart Water Management.” The session will focus on how companies can transform water management to achieve optimal water efficiency, exploring the following key topics:

  • How water availability and quality impact the bottom line
  • How to become a smarter water user
  • How to identify underperforming assets quickly and take proactive action
  • How to track every drop of water used in the facility and proactively eliminate water loss
  • How to use digital tools and predictive analytics to enable smart end-to-end water management
  • How decreasing water usage leads to reductions in both energy use and CO2 emissions

The presentation will take place at drinktec’s Inspiration Hub (Hall C6) on September 15 from 11:00 – 11:30 AM local time, and attendance is open to all drinktec participants.



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