PURATE™ Chlorine Dioxide Systems

Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) is our business. Over 40 years of experience have gone into our PURATE technology; available for water treatment and many other industrial applications. We can accommodate all your ClO2 needs. PURATE technology makes it simple, reliable and cost effective to generate ClO2 on site for your treatment application.

Best In Class Chlorine Dioxide Delivery

PURATE is a best in class, integrated program that consists of an on-site generation system, feed and control strategy, and data management. It has been designed to safely and reliably produce chlorine dioxide on-site where it can be fed either continuously or on demand.

There are two components of the PURATE Program:

  • A ClO2 Generator, and 
  • A Distribution System, which delivers the chemistry to your application points

Is Chlorine Dioxide for You?

Watch our PURATE video and learn about our onsite chlorine dioxide generation technology.


Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) from PURATE chemistry is produced by the reduction of sodium chlorate by hydrogen peroxide under acidic conditions. We make it easy with our pre-blended PURATE solution. PURATE is formulated with 40 wt% of NaClO3 and up to 8 wt% hydrogen peroxide and shipped to your site in IBC totes, ISO containers and bulk trailers. By starting with sodium chlorate rather than sodium chlorite, the economy is built directly into the chemistry.


Innovative Chemistry

PURATE is a unique stabilized solution of sodium chlorate and hydrogen peroxide. The SVP-Pure™ chlorine dioxide generator uses PURATE and sulfuric acid to produce ClO2 on-site that is easily piped to the point of application. No chlorine gas is used or produced in this process.

3D Models

Use your virtual reality glasses to experience PURATE in 3D. Click the arrow to load the models, below. Once loaded, mouse over the image field and select the View in VR icon in lower right. 

Purate Chlorine Dioxide Generator

The chlorine dioxide generator introduces two precursor chemistries, PURATE and 78% sulfuric acid in a reaction chamber under vacuum to safely and efficiently produce chlorine dioxide for a wide variety of water treatment applications.

Purate Distribution System

The distribution system (DS) is a multiple-point injection process which allows the chlorine dioxide solution to be applied to up to four separate application points. The DS system includes a chlorine dioxide booster pump, pressure transmitters, magnetic flow meters, and control valves to accurately deliver the required product amount to each application point.

Purate Case Studies

From Steel Making to Chemical Production and Power Generation to Pulp & Paper Power Generation, this system is the ideal biocide program for critical cooling water and paper pretreatment systems. Read more about applications in a variety of industries:


Advantages of the Purate Process

PURATE is your best choice for ClO2. Advantages include the two-chemical feed, no-chlorine gas feed, high efficiency chlorate conversion, global support and more.