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Applications for Bioquell Rapid Bio-decontamination Service (RBDS)

Bioquell Rapid Bio-decontamination Service (RBDS) from Ecolab is an all-inclusive, fully managed solution. Whether you're looking for regularly scheduled bio-decontamination sessions for your facility, or need emergency remediation during a crisis, RBDS is the right choice.

Our highly skilled technicians can manage nearly any challenge, regardless of complexity or scope.

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There are a variety of applications for our Rapid Bio-Decontamination Service. These include:

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Remediation Needs

If your organization is required to follow regulatory or internally-established quality control guidelines, you may need ongoing remediation. Managing a bio-decontamination plan on your own can be labor intensive, time consuming and expensive. With Bioquell RBDS, you can greatly reduce the risk of microorganism contaminants on a frequent, scheduled or as-needed basis.

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Emergency Response

Bioquell RBDS can be deployed swiftly to bio-decontaminate nearly any size space, at any time, all around the world. Our experts allow you to quickly reclaim your critical areas, so you can get back to work.

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Disaster Recovery Plan

Do you have a fast, efficient and proven solution for killing bio-contaminants if they’re discovered in your facility? If not and a bio-contamination event strikes, you could face a shutdown of weeks or months, scrapping product, and damage to your reputation. Including Bioquell RBDS into your disaster recovery strategy helps you prepare to address a contamination event, so you can get back up and running quickly.

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After a renovation or new build of your facility, it’s important to bio-decontaminate the space, to reduce the microorganisms which may be present in the environment. Use Bioquell RBDS as one of your tools, to help ensure your cleanrooms and other critical areas are free of microorganisms.

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End of Campaign and Facility Restart

Bioquell RBDS has been the bio-decontamination method of choice for pharmaceutical companies worldwide during annual shutdown periods, at the end of production campaigns and for facility restarts. Deep cleans and multi-step cleaning processes can often be skipped, as you only need to remove visible contamination before starting the Bioquell bio-decontamination process.

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Lab and Research Spaces

For qualification and quality control, use Bioquell RBDS to reset environmental conditions within lab and research spaces. Whether protecting mice from potential viruses inside a holding facility, ensuring BSL labs of all levels are operating within defined parameters, or responding to emergency bio-contamination events, Bioquell RBDS can meet your needs.

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Hospital-Related Bio-contamination Events

Microorganisms that can cause infections can transferred from surface to surface, even with advanced infection-control measures in place. Beds can become blocked, infection rates increase and costs rise as a result. To help reduce widespread infections caused by the environment hosting problematic microorganisms, Bioquell RBDS provides comprehensive, repeatable bio-decontamination.

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