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Bioquell Business
Continuity Service

Bio-contamination can be disruptive to your pharmaceutical and biologics manufacturing business. If a bio-contamination event is severe, it can cause scrapping of product, patient drug shortages, and lost revenue. You may even need to shut down operations for a while.

The fastest way to get a bio-contamination crisis under control and get your production back online is to prepare in advance. Ecolab’s Bioquell Rapid Bio-Decontamination Service (RBDS) offers you guaranteed response times, to help you respond quickly if a bio-contamination event arises in your facility. 

Business Continuity Service Plans

For large facilities that need our fastest response times, we offer a specialized version of RBDS called Business Continuity Service. There are two different Business Continuity Service plans:

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Priority Response Plan

To prepare for any future bio-contamination events, we first learn about the specific requirements of your facility, then create a detailed, proactive bio-decontamination strategy. During the full-facility survey, we coordinate with key stakeholders and map out the bio-decontamination requirements.

This base-level plan ensures that technicians will arrive on site quickly to execute the planned bio-decontamination of the affected area.

Benefits include:

  • Reduced costs compared to standard bio-decontamination deployment
  • Ecolab will be an approved contractor
  • Proactive planning cuts down on response time 
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Critical Response Plan

Get all the benefits of our Priority Response Plan, but with an even faster bio-decontamination response. We store dedicated bio-decontamination equipment at your facility or at the nearest Bioquell facility, so it's ready to go when needed. Equipment is inspected monthly to ensure it's operating at its full potential.

Benefits include:

  • Response times of 24, 36 or 48 hours depending on client needs
  • Faster turnaround onsite
  • Decrease in lost production time
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Learn About Bioquell Rapid Bio-Decontamination Service (RBDS)

Discover how Ecolab’s Bioquell can help resolve a microbiological contamination event at your facility, so you can stay open and operational. 

Watch Video: RBDS in Action

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