Ecolab Bioquell ICE-Pod in a hospital setting

Decontamination for Healthcare

Are you seeking to help improve safety for both patients and medical staff? Ecolab's Bioquell offers bio-decontamination solutions that help eliminate the environment as a possible source of infection. Our equipment and services are tailored to the unique needs of the healthcare field and your organization.

Bioquell Decontamination Solutions for Healthcare

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Regularly bio-decontaminate high-risk areas — including ORs, burn units and ICUs. Keeping these areas clean helps to ensure admitted patients aren't exposed to pathogens from previous occupants.

Ecolab Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Systems and Services

Outbreaks and emergencies happen without warning. That’s why Bioquell offers flexible hospital bio-decontamination solutions to help you handle the unexpected. Whether in a single room or on multiple floors, Bioquell can help you reduce microorganisms from exposed surfaces.

Decontamination for Hospital Pharmacies and Compounding Operations

When you’re treating patients with biologics and novel therapeutic medicines, you need an aseptic environment to retain the quality of the drug. Bioquell makes it possible to prepare prescription doses with a reduced risk of contamination.

Bioquell Proactive Service featuring a Bioquell BQ 50

To help you maximize your disinfection strategy, we offer Bioquell Proactive, an all-inclusive service option with full-time staff members on site. Let our professionals coordinate and execute your bio-decontamination plan, so you can focus on caring for patients.

Featured Technology

Bioquell's BQ-50 product box, extendable corded, and rolling wheeled components.

Bioquell BQ-50

When you need to bio-decontaminate a patient room quickly, the Bioquell BQ-50 is a great choice. Features simple setup and efficient.

Ecolab Bioquell EMS

Bioquell BQ-EMS

Bio-decontaminate ambulances, fire trucks, police cruisers and more with the Bioquell BQ-EMS, a portable and powerful system.
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Bioquell Qube

A Trusted Name in Healthcare Bio-decontamination

Our EPA registered sterilant* and BPR compliant microbial solutions are trusted by the NIH, CDC, FDA, ECHA and major health organizations around the world.

*EPA Reg. No. 72372-1-86703

Bioquell BQ-50

About Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor

During a bio-decontamination cycle, Bioquell technology fills an enclosed area with 35% hydrogen peroxide vapor. In just one cycle, this vapor provides a 6-log sporicidal kill on exposed surfaces. Unlike chemical sterilants that can leave toxic residues behind, hydrogen peroxide vapor breaks down into water and oxygen once the bio-decontamination cycle and aeration is complete.

Doctor working on a sensitive equipment in a cleanroom

Use Even on Sensitive Electronics and Equipment

Our hydrogen peroxide vapor is tough on microbial surface contaminants, but gentle on electronics and equipment. Unlike spray-and-wipe methods, there are no additional steps to remove residue. When you need to bio-decontaminate spaces that contain hard-to-clean equipment, Bioquell is ideal. Before using Bioquell on your electronic equipment, check with the manufacturers to confirm compatibility.

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