About Ecolab’s Bioquell

In hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturing plants, labs and cleanrooms, reducing the risk of microbial contamination is vital. You need a reliable way to bio-decontaminate your facilities and equipment. Bioquell solutions empower you to improve product and patient safety, meet regulatory and compliance requirements, and reach maximum operational efficiency.

  • Effective
    Bioquell bio-decontamination equipment uses 35% aqueous hydrogen peroxide to produce hydrogen peroxide vapor, which achieves a 6-log sporicidal kill on exposed, non-porous surfaces. This process kills a wide range of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores.

  • Trusted
    Bioquell is used in healthcare and life science facilities around the world to bio-decontaminate operating rooms, patient rooms, pharmaceutical manufacturing centers, and more.
  • Regulatory Compliance
    Ecolab supports Bioquell technology with professional validation, maintenance and customer service. Bio-decontamination with Bioquell hydrogen peroxide vapor meets or exceeds regulatory standards around the world, including the European Biocidal Product Regulation (BPR).

The Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor
Bio-decontamination Process

Bioquell uses hydrogen peroxide vapor to bio-decontaminate a space in a few simple steps.
Ecolab Bioquell Bio-decontamination Process: Preparation, Vaporization, Activation Period and Aeration

1: Preparation

Prep the room for bio-decontamination: seal vents, and open any cabinets and drawers that require treatment. Seal the door after you exit, then turn on the Bioquell equipment.

2: Vaporization

The system emits the vapor, filling the enclosed area. It deposits a micro-condensation on exposed surfaces, including complex shapes and crevices.

3: Activation Period

Once vaporization is complete, a waiting period allows the hydrogen peroxide time to kill microorganisms on surfaces.

4: Aeration

Lastly, your HVAC system and/or Bioquell aeration units convert the H2O2 into water vapor and oxygen. There are no additional steps to remove residue—the room is ready now ready for use.

Learn More About Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor
Biopharmaceutical technician looking through a microscope in a cleanroom

Bio-decontamination for Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

Whether you work in cell and gene therapy or vaccine development, it's important to have a solid bio-decontamination solution in place.

Ecolab Bioquell Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Systems and Services

Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor Systems and Services

If you’re seeking a reliable way to kill bio-contaminants in your lab or manufacturing facility, look no further than Bioquell equipment and services.

Bioquell Validation


To meet regulatory requirements, you may need to provide proof that your bio-decontamination solution works. Ecolab provides validation documentation to support your needs.

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Equipment and Services

Learn more about how Ecolab’s Bio-decontamination Equipment and Services solutions can help your facility produce safe, compliant products that exceed standards, measurably improve operational efficiency and help achieve sustainability goals.

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