Digital Innovation Experts

Digital technology is at the center of transforming the way we do business. With Ecolab’s digital solutions harnessing predictive analytics, remote service and real-time insights, we are entering a new era of enterprise performance and customer experience. Ecolab has a long history of partnering with our customers to help them achieve water and energy goals, maximize operational performance, solve problems, and ensure safety. Our loT experts and digital solutions help us take these valuable partnerships to the next level.

Optimizing Operations with
Digital Innovation

It comes as no surprise that COVID-19 is changing the way that companies operate. What is surprising, though, is that the pandemic has increased the speed at which those companies are adopting IoT and digital solutions. Many companies have learned that IoT and digital tools are increasing efficiency, optimizing operations, improving product quality, bolstering safety and generating real value.

With solutions like ECOLAB3D™, Ecolab is using artificial intelligence, IoT and automation to help customers assess their operation and close the gap between their current performance and optimal performance, ultimately helping them achieve sustainability goals, saving more water and energy, better optimize efficiency, protect assets, drive financial improvement, and safely manage the health of their water systems.

Vice President of Commercial Digital Solutions and IoT expert Kevin Doyle

Kevin Doyle is the vice president of Commercial Digital Solutions for the Industrial Group at Ecolab, leading the development of digital strategies and programs across the company’s enterprise. His main areas of focus are customer-facing solutions, including leveraging the cloud for custom application development, Internet of Things (IoT) and advanced analytics, as well as enterprise solutions like customer relationship management, customer portals and e-commerce to empower Ecolab’s Sales, Marketing and Research Development & Engineering teams to provide differentiated value to our customers.

Among the highlights of his tenure at Ecolab, Doyle was the IT workstream lead for Ecolab/Nalco merger team and led the deployment of standardized platform for sales and service technology leveraged by multiple businesses and more than 12,000 users to drive growth. He also led the strategy, design and build of ECOLAB3D™, helping create differentiated digital offerings and creating value for customers and revenue growth and retention.

Doyle received a bachelor’s degree in applied engineering sciences from Michigan State University, with a focus on supply chain management.