Nalco Water Introduces Online Dryer Cleaning Technology for Paper Machines in Southeast Asia

September 28, 2022
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  • The NAL-TEX™ technology delivers huge improvements in cleanliness and reduces the deposition of sticky material.
  • The occurrence of sheet breaks is massively reduced, enabling customers to improve annual profitability by up to $845,000 in some cases.
  • The cleaning technology can be applied without interrupting production.

Singapore, Ecolab Inc., the global leader in water, hygiene and infection-prevention solutions and services, is introducing its NAL-TEX™ online dryer cleaning technology from Nalco Water to Southeast Asia. NAL-TEX™ works with all types of paper machines to remove contaminants effectively and efficiently. Based on the application of Nalco Water’s Mechanical, Operational and Chemical principles to prevent sticky deposition on the dryer section, the technology improves machine operations and delivers cost savings while maximizing fabric and performance in the paper production process.

This easy-to-use total cleaning solution allows paper and packaging manufacturers to better maintain production effectiveness and market competitiveness, thanks to the major improvement in cleanliness that is apparent even to the naked eye. Protecting surfaces from the deposition of tacky material, it enables huge improvements in production performance while maintaining high-quality paper output.

This reduced deposition slashes the instances of sheet breaks during production which inevitably leads to increased downtime and reduced output. Even just 30% fewer breaks can create huge savings – for example, a mill producing 500,000 tonnes per year (TPY) of uncoated free sheet could save 36 hours per year, resulting in a net profit increase of $845,000; or 144 hours per year. For a plant producing 300,000 TPY of newsprint the saving could be $730,000.

In Southeast Asia, a paper and packaging board company saw significant gains from its application of NAL-TEX™. Previously the plant experienced high costs of paper processing, with its 500 tonnes per day (TPD) production capacity Fourdrinier machine, which it used to produce recycled corrugated medium paper (90-185 gsm). The paper machine experienced regular sheet breaks, quality issues and required frequent maintenance on the existing cleaning equipment.

Following the application of the NAL-TEX™ Online Dryer Cleaning Technology, the machine successfully eliminated paper breaks due to sticky materials and at the same time reduced energy usage up to 0.1 tonnes of steam/ton. The NAL-TEX™ solution optimizes the machine, delivering savings for the company up to US$280,000 per year.

Uninterrupted production

Nalco Water leveraged its advanced cleaning principles in the development of NAL-TEX™. With no need to stop the machines during cleaning, paper production can continue uninterrupted, due to the dryer fabric and dryer cylinder care programs that enable an on-line cleaning and passivation. Chemicals are applied using an online feeding system that allows the machines to operate continuously. Compressed air is used to spray a chemical layer that significantly reduces the surface tension of the dryer cans and fabrics, with the nozzle oscillating along the machine’s width.

The technology is proven to improve cylinder dryers’ performance and increase output, helping the paper industry achieve eROI of up to 160%. Many customers of NAL-TEX™ Online Dryer Cleaning Technology report reduced sheet breaks and better runnability.

NAL-TEX™ Online Dryer Cleaning Technology delivers the following:

  • Improved machine performance and consistent dryer cleanliness
  • Reduced sheet breaks by up to 50%
  • Reduced paper defects
  • Reduced downtime caused by sticky material, boosting overall production performance by up to 4%.

NAL-TEX™ Online Dryer Cleaning Technology is specifically tailored for Southeast Asian countries including Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

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