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Financial Impact:
Real-Time Value Optimization Intelligence

Powered by ECOLAB3D™

Operational efficiency and savings matter to your business and your bottom line. You want to set, monitor and deliver goals that matter the most to your business. You want clear and constant enterprise visibility into these projects: whether industrial water conservation, reducing energy use, improving asset longevity or improving overall operating cost.

That’s where Financial Impact comes in. This ECOLAB3D service is designed to integrate critical data on your value projects across your enterprise, so you can make effective decisions to realize more savings in less time

How Financial Impact Works  

Financial Impact aggregates data and shows project value and progress. Financial Impact can show savings, pipeline and project overview in value projects at local, regional, and global levels; this elevated visibility can help identify best practices, share learnings across your enterprise, and prioritize projects based on project value and time requirements.

Our field expert partners with your team to identify value projects. The data for your project is securely identified and safely maintained in our cloud-based system. We calculate the amount and type of savings, the project’s stage and the key milestone dates, then provide the insights, making it visible and valuable for you and your team.

You can use Financial Impact both internally (within your enterprise) and externally (with Ecolab | Nalco Water) to conserve water, save energy and drive added savings for your industrial enterprise.


Key Features:

  • Enterprise Overview
  • Organizational Alignment
  • Category Savings
  • Project Pipeline
  • Project Overview

Why Choose Financial Impact?

Financial Impact by ECOLAB3D gives you two critical advantages: the visibility to see your value project savings potential and project pipeline, and the decision-making insights to reach your critical business goals faster than ever.

By providing enterprise visibility and project pipeline management, Financial Impact offers critical operational and cost-saving insights for industrial sites. Financial Impact is designed to make it easy to:

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Significantly Increase Your Visibility

into the performance of your value projects and the impact of your project pipeline across your enterprise


Identify and Prioritize Impactful Projects

for quicker completion and faster savings realization


Surface the Project That Matters the Most

cross-seed best practices and multiply project savings, realizing more savings in real time

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Increase Organizational Accountability

by providing insights into realized savings goal vs actual at your enterprise and regional level

Real-World Value

Financial Impact provides enterprise-wide visibility and enables effective collaboration to optimize real savings potential in:


Conserve water and optimize water quality



Save energy through improved efficiency



Keep waste out of landfills

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Improve the productivity of operations



Reduce the total cost of operations

Examples of Financial Impact Value Projects and Types of Savings

Financial Impact helps deliver operational savings depending on your business goals. The types of goal savings that many commercial and industrial enterprises set include:

Improving Water Conservation and Energy Savings

Financial Impact let you analyze energy and water use at a project by project and site-by-site basis. You can monitor trends and progress on water conservation or energy savings to see whether you are ahead of or behind your year-to-date goal and determine what is needed to reach that goal.

Improving Operational Efficiency and Productivity

Enterprise visibility and effective collaboration provided by Financial Impact by ECOLAB3D offer you the insights on value project pipeline and project overview across your enterprise. You can determine trends, identify hotspots, check on project worthiness and adjust operations to prioritize the projects or cross-seed best practices that offer you the most value opportunity.

Financial Impact and Your Enterprise System

Learn more about how Financial Impact powered by ECOLAB3D can help enable collaboration and optimize real savings within your industrial water treatment program.
iiot platform

ECOLAB3D™ IIoT Platform

Financial Impact is powered by ECOLAB3D. ECOLAB3D is an IIoT platform designed to collect data from monitoring systems, automation tools and more in order to gain enterprise visibility, data-driven insights and prescriptive performance recommendations. Combined with our industry leading services and field expertise, we help enable customers to improve performance, manage risk, and deliver value and more.. 

Learn more about Ecolab's safe and secure cloud-based IoT and IIoT Platform.


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