OxiPRO™ Technology for Deposit Control

OxiPRO Technology for Deposit Control is our innovative offering for enhanced control of microbial growth and deposit-formation in papermaking systems. OxiPRO Technology for Deposit Control uses a combination of proactive monitoring tools, individually tailored chemistry strategies, and local application expertise to reduce sheet defects, improve runnability and increase uptime.

More Information

Proactive real-time monitoring instruments measure surface deposition, microbial activity, and process conditions to ensure the maximum benefit from the deposit control program. Data analysis tools and application expertise also ensure that feed points and dosing strategies are continuously optimized to prevent unnecessary downtime and product defects.

OxiPRO Technology for Deposit Control offers comprehensive solutions tailored to your unique application. These solutions have delivered increased machine efficiency, improving environmental impact, while lowering your total cost of operation.

Success Story

Read more how OxiPRO, as part of the FirstCLEAR™ Raw Water Treatment program, delivered a 5% increase in machine efficiency while reducing biocontrol costs by 20% for a customer. To learn more about FirstCLEAR raw water program, click here.