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PRISM™ Program

Styrene production provides multiple challenges to manufacturers such as corrosion and fouling that can negatively impact reliability, profitability, safety, and sustainability. The Nalco Water PRISM Program provides cost-effective, less toxic treatment alternatives to commodity chemicals traditionally used in the industry, market-leading insights in styrene production and digital solutions.

The Nalco Water PRISM Program offers a selection of polymerization inhibitors, green retarders and corrosion inhibitors to address fouling and corrosion control challenges throughout the plant.

Styrene Polymerization Control

Nalco Water addresses styrene polymerization with customized programs that specifically target areas of the plant where unwanted polymer forms. Our innovative solutions and onsite technical expertise provide a comprehensive program to help protect critical assets and achieve sustainability goals. 

Petrochemical plant

PRISM Polymerization Inhibitors

Nalco Water offers polymerization inhibitors tailored to the specific area of the plant where fouling and undesired polymerization occurs such as post-reactor cooling, vent gas compressor or distillation process areas.

These cost-effective, fast-reacting, true polymerization inhibitors are proven in all technology licensors and styrene production processes. 

Monitoring and Program Assurance
Nalco Water offers proprietary technology to detect the residual inhibitor chemistry by providing a measure of inhibitor consumption and program optimization for greater reliability.

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PRISM Green Retarders

Styrene manufacturers have traditionally utilized toxic dinitrophenols like DNBP as polymer retarders. These substances are also extremely water-soluble and produce NOx emissions when incinerated. As a result, government regulation around dinitrophenolic retarder chemistries is increasing along with the need for less toxic alternatives.

Nalco Water has developed Green Retarder technology to effectively replace highly toxic retarder chemistry with a more sustainable product that is less toxic, non-soluble in water, improves employee safety and reduces environmental concerns.

Monitoring and Program Assurance
To ensure adequate plant protection during an emergency shutdown, Nalco Water provides a proprietary test procedure to determine available protection time at a particular dosage.

Maximize Polymerization Control

Best practice is to pair a true polymerization inhibitor with a slower-reacting polymer retarder to deliver optimal control for plant operations. The inhibitor provides control during normal production while the retarder provides unit protection during a plant upset or emergency shutdown. Contact your Nalco Water representative for details.   

Styrene Corrosion Control

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In styrene reactors, acid gases such as CO2 are formed and can cause corrosion in heat exchange equipment, vent gas compressor, water stripper, piping, and other associated equipment. This results in equipment damage, unplanned shutdown, and environmental release.

Nalco Water offers cost-effective corrosion inhibitors formulated to protect critical assets and improve reliability.

Customer Success Stories

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PRISM Green Retarder Delivers Significant Results

Nalco Water helped Lotte Chemical achieve sustainability and operational goals to save over $15M per year with PRISM Green Retarder. 

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Styrene Producer Saves With PRISM Polymerization Inhibitor

The PRISM Program helped a styrene producer in Europe control polymerization and save up to $400K/year. 

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Helping Improve Safety and Strengthening Sustainable Operations for Chandra Asri

Nalco Water paired 3DTRASAR™ Technology with the PRISM™ Program to provide a petrochemical plant in Indonesia with $4.5M Total Value Delivered. 

Water Treatment Solutions

Nalco Water has extensive experience in providing utility solutions for pretreatment,  cooling water, steam production, and wastewater to help save energy, conserve water, and reduce total cost of operation. As a market leader in providing water treatment solutions for chemical manufacturers, Nalco Water also provides deep industry knowledge and expertise to help styrene manufacturers solve unique challenges.

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