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VELOX Technology for Dewatering Applications

VELOX Technology for improved productivity is one of Nalco's innovative technologies that offers graphic grades mills the opportunity to increase productivity and sheet quality by improving water removal performance, improving sheet profiles and improving runnability through higher press solids and wet web strength.

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VELOX Technology for Dewatering Applications delivers speed increase in machines that are steam limited, which consequently helps mills meet or exceed production targets and provides the grade flexibility. Additionally, VELOX Technology for Dewatering Applications is capable of reducing steam consumption demand, which depending on energy requirements of the mill, presents an opportunity for the papermaker to potentially recognize energy savings for every ton produced per hour without adversely affecting machine runnability and sheet properties. In fact, machine runnability may improve because VELOX technology creates higher press dryness and wet-web strength, which delivers improved draws and potential for break reduction in the wet-end. VELOX technology also allows the possibility for customers to increase refining while maintaining machine speed, which in turn improves strength.