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Water System
Membrane Cleanings

Membranes for RO, nanofiltration and ultrafiltration require cleanings at the right intervals and with the right procedures. Nalco Water can come to your site to perform or supervise water system membrane cleanings for your team. We have the expertise to determine if you have the right equipment to conduct an effective membrane cleaning. We also have the right expertise in chemistry, and cleaning regimens to optimize membrane performance. Don’t have the equipment for cleanings? We can also do the cleanings off-site.

There can be quality and cost benefits to evaluating your filtration membrane cleaning program. We can help you design a new cleaning program to help you recover more flow and improve product water quality. We’ll review your water treatment program to see if we can reduce the cleaning frequency.

Designing a Water System Membrane Cleaning Program

Nalco Water’s engineers and scientists can design a cleaning program for your plant.
The design is based on several factors, including:

  • Type of membrane cleaning chemicals used
  • Cleaning solution volume for the size of plant
  • Contact time (soaking of membranes in solution can aid cleaning)
  • Temperature (cleaning chemicals are most effective at warm temperatures)
  • Design of the cleaning circuit and operating parameters

Our specialists take this information into account when recommending the best and most cost-effective cleaning program.