HVAC Air Management

In today’s world, facility managers are becoming more aware that delivering cost-effective clean air in facilities is becoming more challenging. Responsible managers are looking for opportunities to improve indoor air quality while reducing HVAC fan energy cost and filter spend? Why has this become such a hot issue? Because we live in a more complicated world concerned about global warming and skyrocketing energy costs. Nowhere is this problem more vital than in facilities and industrial operations. 

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), about 50 percent of all electricity in the United States is consumed by commercial buildings, healthcare and industrial facilities. About 35 percent of that figure is consumed by operating HVAC systems.

Facility Managers Recognize The Need

Ongoing, cooling/heating coil cleaning and systematic filter management are becoming essential parts of effective facility management. Building and plant managers need to know that ignoring the issue of proper coil cleaning and filter management can have a drastic impact on HVAC performance, indoor air quality, energy/labor cost, climate control and the carbon footprint of the facility.

A New Industry Is Developing To Meet This Need

Effective coil cleaning and filter management requires technology, training and engineering experience. When a person is sick, he or she relies on a medical professional to diagnose the combination of symptoms, do an analysis and suggest the appropriate treatment. In the same way, facility managers need to rely on an HVAC specialist to analyze their HVAC operation and coil cleaning/air filtration needs.

Five critical qualities make Nalco EHS different from other mechanical contractors and/or filter suppliers:

  • Integrated Engineering Approach – The EHS Turn-Key Coil Cleaning/Filter Management Program provides a professional, comprehensive approach to ensure the highest possible level of cost-efficient improvements customized to your specific operational needs.
  • Goal Setting/Understanding Your Operational Needs – Our goal is to improve your HVAC system performance and indoor air quality cost-efficiently. Highly trained air filtration specialists will survey your HVAC systems and tailor coil cleaning and air filtration needs based on your goals and the operational conditions.
  • Best Filter Technology – We do not represent any specific filter manufacturer, so our engineering approach allows us to select from a large filter portfolio, offering you the newest technology advances for continuous operational improvements.
  • Monitoring Performance and Commitments – The level of indoor air quality depends on cleanliness of the coils, filter efficiency, proper filter life cycle management, quality of installation and operational conditions. Rather than promising filter performance based on product bulletins and laboratory test reports, the EHS team monitors filter performance and commitments in your specific HVAC application. Filter life cycles can be determined not just based on pressure drop, but also based on particle removal efficiencies. Quarterly monitoring reports give you the opportunity to make sure the filter management program is meeting your operational goals.
  • Turn-Key Service Provider – EHS is an Energy Star Product and Service Provider, which can turn-key HVAC audits, coil cleaning, filter management, filter installation and monitoring services.