Acid Gas Removal

The Nalco Water ARSENAL™ program includes products to handle all processing issues (fouling, foaming and emulsion) in an acid gas removal unit. Acid gas removal systems are often unique in design and operation, and a system-specific approach is very important. At Nalco Water, a complete system survey is performed before treatment recommendations are made. Our value and knowledge on the ground, along with our technical support, is unmatched.

The fouling mechanism for a typical caustic tower is complex. We base our treatment recommendations on a detailed system survey and a foulant sample analysis. Aside from the acid gas removal tower itself, we also address spent caustic tank emulsion as well as fouling in the associated benzene stripper, if one exists. Our program includes:

  • Aldol and free radical polymer inhibitors for fouling control
  • Dispersants and antifoams effective in high pH environments
  • Unique high pH emulsion breaker for the spent caustic tank emulsion control

Aside from innovative products, Nalco Water is unparalleled in its global application experience; we are market leaders in chemical treatments for acid gas removal systems of ethylene plants. Our technical consultants can help you improve your unit operation by applying our unique Best Practice Gap Analysis (BPGA), which is based on our worldwide experience.

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