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Protecting Your Pipeline to Ensure Production

As water resources become more and more constrained, mining and mineral processing companies explore new and alternative water sources to meet production demands. In some cases, seawater and seawater reverse osmosis (RO) permeates are pumped long distances to mine sites in order to secure enough water for day-to-day operations. These long and expensive pipelines are critical to the economic success of the mines that rely on them.

Nalco Water can partner with you to help tailor a corrosion inhibitor program that helps to protect your assets against seawater and other corrosive elements. By leveraging best-in-class chemistry with global industry expertise and remote monitoring, Nalco Water can build a solution that minimizes corrosion and helps your pipeline withstand continuous exposure to seawater.

Driving Innovation – Global Expertise Made Local

Nalco Water places great emphasis on research, development, and innovation. In our commitment to addressing your challenges, we have carefully assembled dedicated teams of chemists and engineers to drive our customer-focused technical research centers around the globe. From the United States to western Australia, the Netherlands to western India, and everywhere in between, Nalco Water offers a globally-connected team of experts that are local to your plant and keenly aware of the regionalized challenges that can impact your operations.

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