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Maximizing the Impact of Water to Knock Down Dust

At Nalco Water, we understand that dust can create serious health and environmental issues for your mining operation. Without the proper dust control solution, challenges with dust can strain your bottom-line results. Nalco Water offers a comprehensive line of dust suppression additives including foam dust control, surface tension reducers, binders, tackifiers, and humectants.

By offering a diverse portfolio of dust control solutions, Nalco Water can effectively partner with you to address your dust control needs. Whether you are looking for solutions for your conveyer system, haul road, transfer point, or other application point, Nalco Water can deliver an approach that combines the proper equipment and optimized chemistry to help you knock down dust and get back to your day-to-day productions.

Better Dust Control – Safer Mining

Dust control is one of the most pervasive issues at any mine site or processing plant. Mining operations handle massive quantities of material every day, and the dust generated during handling can become a serious health and safety hazard to both the mining personnel and surrounding community. Many operators use water sprays alone to suppress dust and remain in compliance. However, this method is largely ineffective, as water droplets are too large to effectively keep bulk solids wet.

Nalco Water maximizes the impact of water by offering solutions that use surfactant chemistry. Surfactants optimize the surface tension of the water, creating smaller droplets that impact more surface area to have a greater impact on dust. Further, to stretch water use, Nalco Water also offers industry-leading foam dust control solutions. Nalco Water's foaming technology expands the surface area of water by more than 500x to offer powerful dust control with minimal water usage. Contact us today to find out how we can partner with you to tailor a dust control solution that fits your operational needs.

Driving Innovation – Global Expertise Made Local

Nalco Water places great emphasis on research, development, and innovation. In our commitment to addressing your challenges, we have carefully assembled dedicated teams of chemists and engineers to drive our customer-focused technical research centers around the globe. From the United States to western Australia, the Netherlands to western India, and everywhere in between, Nalco Water offers a globally-connected team of experts that are local to your plant and keenly aware of the regionalized challenges that can impact your operations.

Dust Control Success Stories


Controlling Dust and Saving Money – Nalco Water’s AKJ DustFoam™ Program Delivers Results for Coal Company

A US-based coal company was experiencing Btu penalties on their final coal product because it was not dry enough during winter months. The company turned to Nalco Water's AKJ for a solution that would help minimize water use for dust control purposes, and also help control the moisture levels of the treated coal. AKJ installed a Dust Foam system that helped reduce the moisture level of the treated strip coal by 20%. Download the case study below to learn more.

Open Pit Haul Road and Trucks

Nalco Water's HAULAGE-DC™ Road Dust Control Helps Iron Ore Mine Reduce Dust, Fuel, and Water Use

A large iron ore operation experienced high-levels of dust and low visibility on haul roads during dry months. The mine turned to Nalco Water to partner on a solution that would help them achieve better, safer results and reduce the cost of treatment compared to a water-only mining dust suppression approach. With the implementation of HAUALGE-DC dust control technology, Nalco Water helped the mine reduce the need for spray trucks by 77%, which saved significant water, energy, and cost, while still improving the condition of the treated road. Download the case study below to learn more.

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