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Environmental Cleaning Solutions

Hygiene is critical to food processing. Cross contamination puts food safety at risk, and biofilms harbor dangerous microbes that can be released over time. To ensure clean surfaces and environments, food and beverage manufacturers need a comprehensive approach to environmental cleaning.

Ecolab's environmental cleaning program is responsive and proactive, which is key to sanitization. Our complete offering of programs, products and services helps ensure food safety while optimizing your plan operation.

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Ecolab's Environmental Cleaning Offerings Include:

  • Wet and dry chemistry to address cross contamination and help control microbial growth
  • Environmental cleaners for stainless steel, soft metals and vertical surfaces
  • Environmental swabbing and ATP monitoring
  • Food safety and quality software with master sanitation schedules, checklists and SOPs
  • Custom environmental cleaning trainings
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Floor and Drain Cleaning for Food Processing

Food processing plants have specific cleaning needs for floors and drains. Biofilms stubbornly attach to drains, and the microbes within the biofilms compromise food safety. Workers can also have microbes on their footwear and contaminate floors as they walk through the plant.

Ecolab offers chemistry to effectively sanitize food processing floors and drains. These products work as a part of a comprehensive environmental cleaning program.

Our floor and drain cleaning products come in liquid, foam and powder form, giving you options that best meet your needs. An Ecolab expert can recommend products that are ideal for your operation. Partnering with Ecolab for floor and drain management means you have confidence in your food safety and your cleaning efficacy.

Programs, Products, Equipment and Services

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Clean Out of Place Solutions

Equipment & Engineering Services

As the company that invented clean-in-place, our experienced, full-service team has the knowledge, technology and industry expertise to deliver systems designed to help reduce overall operational costs and enhance food safety programs.

Ecolab Hygiene Monitoring Program

Hygiene Monitoring Program

Ecolab partners with Hygiena to bring the food and beverage industry a new hygiene monitoring program that creates a best-in-class, innovative and cost-competitive offering that helps optimize your food safety program.

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Food Safety Training

The Ecolab Food Safety Institute provides classroom and hands-on industry and customer training courses that help to proactively manage food safety risks, improve productivity and help assure regulatory compliance.

Food Safety Experts in Lab

Food Safety Expertise

As the global leader in food safety technology, Ecolab provides accessible, actionable food safety information to our customers across the food supply chain, including quick customer response to food safety concerns.