Crude and Heavy Oils PPDs

Designed to work in a variety of crudes and heavy oils, the new Nalco Water enhanced Pour Point Depressants (PPD) product range allow refiners, terminals and pipeline operators to store, transport and process more challenging crudes. The new PPDs deliver a strong performance and efficient operations. Low viscosity design of the new offering ensures pumpability at low temperatures, minimizing the use of heat or expensive cutter stock.
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Heavy Pour Point Depressants Improves Performance and Offers Enhanced Handling

With innovative solutions and insights, Nalco Water helps customers around the world to manage challenges associated with the flow of crudes and heavy oils at a refinery or terminal. 

Effective and Time Efficient Performance Testing

There are significant financial incentives for working with heavier petroleum streams, including heavier crudes being produced and transported by pipeline, topped crudes with light ends removed or heavy petroleum fractions, which result from refinery processing. However, high viscosity, high pour point material possesses significant risk for pipeline plugging when moved into and out of storage. A pour point depressant can help mitigate that risk by ensuring pumpability, allowing heavier material to be moved and stored while decreasing or eliminating the use of cutter stocks. Nalco Water heavy pour point depressants treat a variety of heavy oils.

Nalco Water scientists have worked to develop a methodology that enables us to more easily predict the most suitable performing pour point depressant. It allows for a quick screening and requires a smaller volume of sample.