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Kemps dairy manufacturing plants in the Midwestern United States are committed to the taste and quality of their products, and they also have ongoing goals around the safety and efficiency of their plant operations.  So their Clean-In-Place (CIP) process is critical.  But in any dairy plant, guaranteeing thoroughness and consistency of equipment cleaning and sanitizing can be a challenge.

Consistent CIP Performance

Learn about 3D TRASAR™ for Clean-in-Place (CIP) technology, and how Ecolab helps Kemps achieve consistent CIP performance resulting in increased product quality.

3D TRASAR™ Technology for CIP optimizes cleaning and sanitizing of dairy plant equipment to help protect food safety and quality.

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At Ecolab, we knew we had a solution that could help Kemps increase their visibility and control over their CIP process. 

3D TRASAR CIP improves the efficiency and consistency of the CIP process and provides savings in chemical, water, energy and time. The system is monitored around the clock, with CIP experts analyzing the data to discover opportunities for further optimization. 

This technology, combined with Ecolab service and expertise, provides Kemps with more insight into the cleaning and sanitizing process and helps them pinpoint critical safety and quality opportunities before problems occur to help ensure food safety and quality.

Our offering leverages the CIP expertise of our Food and Beverage business with the advanced automation technologies from our Nalco water treatment businesses.

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The 3Ds:

  • DETECT system variances with 24/7 monitoring
  • DETERMINE corrective actions needed
  • DELIVER improved quality, profits and increased output

Business-focused Results:

  • Help ensure food safety, quality and consistency across your operation
  • Provide consistent results with improved efficiency and lower total cost
  • Reduce total cleaning time and reduce labor

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