Helping a Customer
Use Water With Care

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Water is an essential part of many of our customers’ processes, and using less of it contributes to their success – and preserves the precious resource for other uses. When one of our customers, a leading global food and beverage company, set an aggressive water-use goal as part of its environmental sustainability program, they turned to Ecolab for help. 

The company’s water goal, to improve operational water use efficiency by 20 percent per unit of production, was just part of its award-winning water stewardship efforts. And that’s where Ecolab’s comprehensive approach can really make a difference. We can help our customers optimize every aspect of their operation, from process water to sanitation and conveyor optimization to wastewater treatment.

Our range of water-saving solutions helped contribute to our customer’s water use efficiency improvements.


We helped our customer identify the complex connections between processes – and provided a range of innovative solutions that reduce downtime, decrease water consumption and increase processing capacity. It’s something no one else can do – but it’s what we do every day. Because when our customers meet their sustainability goals, everybody wins.  

  • DryExx, our dry conveyor lubricant, helps save more than 662 million liters of water annually.
  • Our Advantis clean-in-place program removes two water-intensive steps from the process, reducing CIP water use by 45 percent.
  • Our 3D TRASAR cooling water technology helped reduced fresh water use by 90 million liters a year for just one plant.
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