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Policies and Positions

Our work is guided by a commitment to our purpose and values. Because the work we do matters, and how we do it matters, too. Our ethical reputation is one of our greatest assets and provides a solid base upon which we build trust with our customers and communities. Ecolab’s Code of Conduct is foundational to our commitment to uploading the highest legal and ethical standards, regardless of when and where we conduct business.

Ecolab is committed to fully utilizing alternative methods of safety assessment testing in product development to minimize the use of animals in such assessments.

Download Ecolab Animal Welfare Policy [English]

The Ecolab Anti-Corruption Policy reinforces the commitment to ensure compliance with all anti-corruption laws, including the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (“FCPA”), the UK Bribery Act 2010 and anticorruption laws in effect within the countries where Ecolab does business.

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Ecolab complies with applicable labor and employment law and does not discriminate. Our recruitment, hiring, compensation, promotion, transferring, training, corrective action and termination practices are based exclusively on an individual’s qualifications and ability to perform the job. To maintain a work environment that is free from discrimination, all employment-related decisions must be made without regard to gender, race, ethnic origin, nationality, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, disability, marital status, veteran status or other personal characteristics or conditions protected by national, state or local law.

To help ensure an environment of mutual respect, Ecolab does not tolerate any form of harassment or other intimidating behavior, including physical, emotional or verbal abuse. 

Violating this policy subjects an employee to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. 

Ecolab is committed to continuous efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its own operations. Ecolab addresses climate change impact as criteria in its innovation process and actively works with customers on their climate change mitigation strategies by providing products, services and data to support these efforts.

Ecolab Climate Change position [Download English]Our Approach to Climate

Ecolab supports human rights organizations to end violence and atrocities in Central Africa, specifically the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and nine adjoining countries: Republic of Congo, Central Africa Republic, South Sudan, Zambia, Angola, Tanzania, Burundi, Rwanda and Uganda.

Ecolab Conflict Minerals Policy [Download English]Annual Conflict Minerals Report [Download English]

Our Global Privacy Policy outlines how Ecolab uses and safeguards personal data, periodically reviews security measures and ensures that we are compliant with the data privacy laws and regulations of the jurisdictions in which we operate, including the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Ecolab Privacy Policy

We believe that diverse and inclusive teams are high-performing teams – and we are committed to helping everyone at Ecolab unleash their own potential to innovate, create and drive growth.

As a global leader, we believe we have a responsibility to advance equity – both within our organization and in our communities where we live, work and raise our families. Ecolab is working to increase our focus on educating and equipping our teams globally, to build understanding, address inequality and bring our associates together in solidarity to listen, learn and grow together.

Our Approach to Diversity and Inclusion

Ecolab’s suppliers are held to global fundamental principles of human dignity. Our Ethical Sourcing Standards are the foundation of our global supply chain initiative requiring direct suppliers to protect the health, safety and human rights of their associates.

Suppliers must meet standards regarding forced labor, child labor, health and safety, fair pay and harassment in the workplace. We require that our suppliers identify and act swiftly to eliminate any unacceptable conditions or practices in their facilities. We will not do business with suppliers who do not support the fundamental principles of human dignity and rights of workers to fair and equitable treatment.

We base our supplier requirements on international standards including the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the International Labor Organization (ILO) 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. Additionally, the California Transparency in Supply Chains Act of 2010 (SB 657), effective January 1, 2012, requires certain companies to disclose information regarding their efforts to eradicate slavery and human trafficking from their supply chains. The United Kingdom’s Modern Slavery Act, adopted in 2015, requires similar disclosures of certain companies doing business in the United Kingdom.

Ethical Sourcing StandardsEcolab Supplier Code of Conduct

Our commitment to respect human rights exists within the framework of the United Nations (UN) Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. We aspire to create an inclusive and respectful work environment, establish decent working conditions and work to eliminate all forms of child and forced labor, discrimination, anti-corruption and bribery. We are committed to respecting international human rights standards, as defined by the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights which include the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the International Labor Organization (ILO) 1998 Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work. We operate in alignment with the policies and procedures outlined in the SA8000 Standard which seek to protect basic human rights of workers.

Ecolab Human Rights Position

Ecolab’s Code of Conduct is the foundation of our success. We are committed to upholding the highest legal and ethical standards, regardless of when and where we conduct business. We expect all employees to make good decisions on behalf of Ecolab and do their jobs ethically and in compliance with the Code and the laws of the countries where we do business. And the supplier code of conduct sets the expectations for Ecolab suppliers to do business with Ecolab.

Ecolab Code of Conduct Ecolab Supplier Code of Conduct

Certain state and local jurisdictions permit corporations to make direct contributions to candidates, party committees and ballot measures. The Ecolab Political Contribution Policy provides for an approval process for such contributions by a committee of executives and annual review of the policy and political contributions by the Governance Committee of the Ecolab Board of Directors.

Ecolab Political Contribution Policy [Download English]

Ecolab is committed to excellence in safety, health and environmental (SH&E) practices and performance across our global operations. Our commitment extends past our own operations to our suppliers, our contractors and is foundational to our work with our customers. We seek to do business with customers, suppliers, vendors, contractors and other business associates and partners who share our high standards of ethical business behavior and SH&E best practices. Ecolab is committed to developing, setting and achieving time-bound safety, health and environmental related targets or goals.

Ecolab Safety, Health and Environmental Position [Download English]

We believe that the best partners are diverse and inclusive, helping us solve complex problems and support the demands of our business.  Additionally, driving our partner Marketplace to equitably reflect our diverse society benefits the communities in which we live, work and serve.

U.S. Supplier Diversity Program

We actively seek to improve the use of water resources within our own operations and within the watersheds in which we operate. Our commitment extends beyond our operations to partnerships with thought leaders and leading organizations that support advancement of responsible use of the world’s limited freshwater resources to the benefit of nature, communities and business.

Ecolab Water Stewardship PositionOur Approach to Water Stewardship

Ecolab’s ability to attract and retain the world’s most capable talent, while deepening our relationship with existing employees, is critical to managing our operations efficiently and effectively and delivering innovative solutions for customers. We invest in professional training and development, help our employees create personal development plans to achieve their career goals and conduct regular employee engagement surveys.

Our Approach to Workforce Development